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Members Only

When I joined FWHR in 2012 we probably had around 380 members with us. Now FWHR is pushing 550 members, and as the Metroplex grows to accommodate new transplants to our community, FWHR will surely benefit. But sometimes it's hard to remember everybody! We're all so busy that sometimes we meet each other, shake hands, chat for a bit, part ways, and then forget the name of who we were talking to just as fast as we met them. That's no good. Fortunately for our members, FWHR has the Member Directory where we can keep up with each other.


The Member Directory allows members to view a little info about each other, depending on what you want others to see. And I'd like to see more of each of you, because the next best thing to meeting you in person is getting to know virtually. That's why FWHR is starting a campaign that will give away three $125 Visa gift cards at the March luncheon to lucky members who have a good picture of themselves in the Directory. Insert a picture of yourself—by yourself—before March 18 to be qualified to win a Visa gift card at our luncheon on March 21. This is for members only and you must be present to win. Click here for directions on how to upload your profile picture.  You won't get extra points for uploading album pictures but it could be fun!


While you're there, update all of your profile's information, including your email and physical addresses. Also, check out our new Volunteer and SME sections at the bottom of your profile. We've updated these sections to better match our offerings to you, so please complete it. See you soon. 


Jon Evans

President, FWHR


Forums, blogs, and discussion boards are not hard to find. In fact, there are so many out there that standing out from the pack can be difficult at times. Several years ago, the board of FWHR began discussing how we could create more interactions between our attendees outside of the normal monthly events. One of our primary goals as an organization is to offer support or advice for members who are faced with a challenging scenario or given responsibilities that they may not have been trained for in the past.

The FWHR network could function as a sounding board for advice but we needed a platform to make it a reality. Our website had a forum that very few people knew about and only a handful of entries had ever been created. At that time, we were also using the "Groups" function on LinkedIn, but we had not been able to get consistent momentum or participation through either format. We also realized that DallasHR had been more successful in getting traction with their forum, HRConnect. Through several conversations with their leadership, they agreed to test the concept of giving our members access to their HRConnect forum.

It took some time to work through the kinks, but we are proud to now offer you, as a member of FWHR, free access to read, respond, and post questions on HRConnect. You can even personalize your communication preferences and frequency in order to focus on content that is relevant to your interests or role. The best part is that ALL Texas SHRM chapters now have access to the forum so you will be able to connect with other HR professionals from around the state.

Click Here to access a guide and additional references on the subject of HRConnect.

We hope you find this to be an additional benefit of being a FWHR member. If you aren't currently a member, I would encourage you to consider joining today for this and many other valuable resources. Please let us know what you think!

Justin Dorsey, SPHR

Immediate Past President, FWHR

Member Spotlight: Jessica Hess

#FWHR caught up with Jessica Hess,
Regional Sales Manager at Employment Screening Services.

Learn more about Jessica by reading the Q & A below!

Q: What was the first concert you attended?

A: Brad Paisley at Tennessee Appalachian Fairgrounds

Q: Can you describe yourself in three words?

A: Persistent. Loyal. Charismatic.

Q: How would you describe your job as a movie title?

A: The Pursuit of Happyness. “You got a dream. You got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves. They want to tell you that you can’t do it.  If you want something, go get it.  Period.”

Q: What is your favorite part about working at
Employment Screening Services?

A: ESS’ foundation is built through maintaining relationships, much like my personal life.  Many of my core values are strongly aligned with the ESS culture.  I have seen the difference that Employment Screening Services brings into companies and it’s incredibly rewarding to be part of such a fantastic organization.  Most companies cannot brag about a 98.6% client retention rate. This speaks volumes and encourages me to continue to spread the word.

Q: What are three career lessons you've learned thus far?

A: Relationships mean everything. Listen to learn and understand. Keep a positive mindset.

Q: if you could do another job for just one day,
what would it be?

A: I would likely choose to be Scout for enterprise-size companies. What I mean by Scout is, going out into the workforce and selecting individuals who bring value through their efforts at work, and continue to push themselves each day to grow personally and professionally.

Q: If you could visit anywhere in the world you've never been, where would you go, and why?

A: There is a lot of international travel that I would like to do.  There is a quote that I love,
“Travel. Because money returns. Time doesn’t.”

Q: How did you first discover and get involved in FWHR?

A: Through the Fort Worth HR website. I moved from Houston to Dallas last year and I wanted to get involved in the HR community, much like I was over the past eight years in Houston. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of FWHR?

A: The connectedness of the community and how
inviting it is to get involved.

Q: What's the coolest (or most important) trend you see in human resources today?

A: As everyone knows, Human Resource compliances and guidelines are always changing – I like representing an organization that helps our clients be ahead of the curve so they aren’t impacted by these changes and they can better focus on growing their business.


Notable Quotables

This month's notable quotable comes from Leisa Brown, Director of Human Resources at Ross & Matthews, PC. Leisa attended February's Valentine's Day luncheon with
guest speaker, Cheri Garcia of Cornbread Hustle.
We asked Leisa about her experience at the luncheon and
what part of Cheri's speech was most memorable to her.

"[Cheri] was a great speaker because she shed light on the hardships and realities that people with a criminal record face when trying to get back into the workforce. In the world of HR, the word 'felon' carries such a stigma with it that most people automatically disregard candidates when they see it on an application. Cheri's inspirational anecdotes are a powerful reminder that every person has a unique story worth considering."

Cheri Garcia is the founder of Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances, including felons.
As someone who's had to reinvent her own life,
Cheri created a company that helps others do the same. 

Juan Garcia, a former felon,
is now an entrepreneur and ambassador for Cornbread Hustle.
Juan shared his story of overcoming adversity, finding his entrepreneurial spirit through programs offered to him in prison, and the benefits of helping people with a criminal history find success through second chances.

Other Highlights

  • 70 million Americans have a criminal record (one-third of U.S. adults).

  • More than 19.5 million people have a felony conviction.

  • 75% of people released from prison will remain unemployed after release.

    Luncheon Candids

    Mike shared his tales of workplace romance and
    earned a tasty reward.

    Dan captivated the audience with his fairy tale love story to get a sweet gift, compliments of FWHR

    Texas SHRM Advocacy Day


    April 4, 2019

    10:00AM - 2:00PM


    Sam Houston Building

    Room 210

    Austin, TX

    Click Here to learn 
    more and register!


Chimy's hosted FWHR for the annual "Meet The Board" event in Fort Worth on Thursday, February 21st.

Check out the photos below from our latest mixer!

The Meet the Board mixer was a valuable opportunity to interact with some of our most passionate members of FWHR. If you missed out, join us at our next monthly luncheon on March 21st.


Our February Sponsor:

Selerix is driven by three fundamental commitments:


To have a genuine and enthusiastic interest in the critical issues of our clients.


To be the most responsive company in the business.

To deliver innovative solutions that consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

These principles permeate all we do for our clients. 

Are you interested in partnering with FWHR as a sponsor? If so, visit our website to learn more! 


Rachel Tyler
Recipient of the S/PHR Spring 2019 Prep Class Scholarship

Rachel is joining the class to earn her PHR certification. 
Click here to read about how Rachel was chosen, and to get more information about the
prep classes for the

We look forward to welcoming Rachel, and the rest of the participants to the S/PHR
spring 2019 prep class!

Danielle Snailer

Certifications Director, FWHR  


One of the best things about Fort Worth is the people. As a city, most of us spend the majority of our time at work. If we are going to make the city better, we have to make work better.

It is in this spirit that FWHR is pleased to announce a new Professional emphasis Group (PEG) dedicated to the larger issues of diversity. Click Here to read more about FWHR's Diversity PEG.

If you're interested in participating, join us at our next meeting!


Tim Koirtyohann

Diversity PEG Leader      


Thursday, February 28th

3:30PM - 4:30PM

2821 W 7th Street

Suite 270

Fort Worth, TX 76107


The FWHR Non-profit PEG group hosted Barbara Clark-Gulpi, the owner of a local online non-profit news and
job posting webpage.

The Non-profit PEG meets every other month to discuss and share topics, vendors, HR principals, staffing issues, policies, and procedures as they relate specifically to non-profits.

This is a group of HR professionals in the for-profit and non-profit areas.  In addition to sharing, the agenda regularly includes a subject matter expert or presentation by a sponsoring agency highlighting their volunteer programs and needs.

Barbara Lundgren

Community Relations, FWHR

Click here to learn more about FWHR's PEG groups and how you can get involved!



FWHR cares about our members on more than just a professional level. We want to know about your fun adventures and share them as a group. If you have something fun and exciting that you did in the past month, please submit a picture and a few lines about it.

Maybe you went skiing, or got married. Maybe you had a baby, or went sky diving. Tell us about your exciting adventures and we will highlight it at the monthly luncheon, and in the newsletter!

Please send your pictures to info@fwhr.org with the subject line "Member Spotlight". We look forward to getting to know you better!

Randi Daniel

Events Director, FWHR


Join us at our next
Legal Update and Luncheon on
March 21st


Legal Hour - 10:15am

Networking - 11:15am

Luncheon - 11:30am


Ridglea Country Club

2700 Bernie Anderson Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas 76116


Starting Fresh

#FWHR started a new networking session that fell between our Legal Hour and luncheon. Make sure you bring your business cards to our next meeting. You never know who you'll meet!

Katherine Aste and Kristin Hamilton pose for a photo before the Luncheon.

Attention Employers and Candidates

Back by popular demand, we're connecting employers and job seekers at our meetings.

At the beginning of our luncheons, we will ask employers and job seekers to briefly speak to our audience at the podium. There, they will have an opportunity to share more about themselves and/or any job openings.

We encourage you to participate if this applies to you. Come prepared with a few brief comments and have fun!


ELU has been set for 
Friday, April 26, 2019!
This year it will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in
Fort Worth

Stay tuned for more
details to come!