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FWHR Earns 2018 Platinum Excel Award

By now many of you have seen our SHRM 2018 EXCEL Platinum Recognition for our accomplishments last year.  We’re proud to have received this award from SHRM for the third year in a row, and it’s in part because of our volunteers, event attendees, and community partners with whom we interact.  But, much of our accomplishments come from the FWHR board itself, this year and previous years.  If any of you are bored enough to look back to the January newsletter, you’ll see its stated purpose.  I said that, when we have successful events, it’s not because of luck: the table doesn’t get set by itself.  Our successful events happen because we will them to happen through effort and coordination.  In your own organizations you know that excellence is hard, that it is the collective effectiveness of your team that make you successful.  That’s the same with FWHR.  We all continue to strive forward.

We hope this recognition will encourage you and your colleagues to attend more of our events—to learn and to have fun, to meet us, our volunteers, and other attendees.  We do what we do to advance the human resource profession, and we do it for you.

Jon Evans

President, FWHR

Member Spotlight: Jill McCluskey

#FWHR has the privilege of recognizing Jill McCluskey, Director of Administrative Services at Wiseda Corporation, as June's Spotlight Member of the month! Jill has a unique blend of work experience in business administration and human resources. She has served consistently as a trusted advisor and right hand to presidents and C-level executives for over 30 years.

In her current role, Jill provides operational leadership to the Davoil Group of Companies, including Davestates, Fort Worth & Western Railroad, Quorum International, and October Hill Farm. Read more about Jill below!

Q: How did you first get involved in FWHR?

A: As the Business Administrator for Warren Douglas Advertising, I was responsible for managing the administrative side of the agency.  Because of the tremendous growth that the “WD” experienced in its early years, I became keenly aware of my need for a more thorough understanding of the people-side of the business, along with the ins and outs of staffing, and compliance with the world of HR. I joined the Fort Worth HR chapter in 2007, and immediately found an oasis of information, support and encouragement.

Q: What's been your favorite FWHR event to attend?

A: I look so forward to the annual Christmas luncheons where we celebrate together with our friends from Diamond Hill Elementary, laugh with the dueling raffle duo – Brad and Jesse – and take home wonderful prizes and re-gifts. It’s refreshing to set aside our HR hats for a time and just enjoy each other as friends.

Q: How do you define success?

A: In my mind, I measure success by seeing the fruit of my labors borne out in the lives of others. If they are mirroring me, imitating my leadership, and following in my footsteps, then my personal investment in their lives has truly had an impact.

Q: What advice would you give a young professional in HR?

A: Strive to fully understand the field of HR, while building and surrounding yourself with a strong network of business pros and wise mentors who can serve as comrades and confidants.  Continually seek out their guidance and advice for in a multitude of counselors, there is safety.

Err on the side of grace and give others the benefit of the doubt as much as possible.

Be the best communicator you can possibly be in both your verbal and written abilities. 

Q: What's the most interesting job you've had? What made it so memorable?

A: I love my current job! With our diverse mix of companies, populations, and industries, there is an eclectic energy in our business culture that marks every day.  

Q: In your opinion, how important is it to be involved in other organizations outside of work?

A: Super-important! The network beyond your workplace broadens your circle of resources and gives personal and business accountability that will strengthen you for years to come.

Q: What would surprise people to learn about you?

A: Despite appearing as a meek and mild-mannered young lady, I am quite the Type-A personality, although highly self-controlled. I have a strong inner drive to achieve and a tireless desire for perfectionism. 

Q: What motivates you to work hard?

A: I really enjoy leading a team and fostering a harmonious work environment. I delight in seeing my fellow employees working well together, collaborating, encouraging and sharpening one another in their various roles.

Q: If money was no object, what would you do all day?

A: I would spend my time mentoring eager young professionals who want to learn and mature. I gain so much pleasure in investing in their lives, sharing the good and bad of what I’ve learned, helping them advance in their life skills, grow in their faith, and develop a strong work ethic.

Q: Who's your hero?

A: My family!! My mom and dad have modeled lives of integrity and consistency, loving me, believing in me, and walking the talk. My husband has been my dearest friend, listening and guiding me through challenging times in my career. My kids have been a constant source of enthusiasm for my work, often drawing upon my HR counsel and expertise.

Emerging HR Professional of the Month: Rogelio Medina

Rogelio is a new member of FWHR and our June Emerging HR Professional of the Month! He was drawn to human resources after a successful career as an operations director and has an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management from LSU Shreveport.

Rogelio currently works in change management and helps organizations improve their employee engagement, performance, and overall experience by assisting management with their mentoring and coaching sessions. We asked where his passion for HR comes from. "I enjoy closing the gap between human relationships and business results. This led me to immerse myself into Human Resources through my education and career."

While searching for volunteer opportunities in the field of HR, Rogelio came across FWHR's involvement in the Tarrant Area Food Bank. His daughter is involved in multiple clubs and that inspired him to focus on finding ways to get involved in the community.

On a more personal note, we asked Rogelio what he likes to do for fun. "A surprising hobby of mine is antiquing. For some reason I am drawn to history and manufacturing. The two categories I love to seek are furniture and bakelite radios. If you catch me doodling, more than likely I am sketching antique couches. Also, my new favorite sport is Rugby. I saw rugby on TV one day when I was 30. I joined a local team and the following week I was suited for a game. I had no idea what I was doing. I am a big supporter of the USA Men’s and Women’s Rugby club and have watched two international games."

Please welcome Rogelio to FWHR, and if you know an emerging HR professional you'd like to recognize, please reach out to info@fwhr.org with the title, "Emerging HR Professional of the Month Nominee".

Isaac Stolar

Newsletter, FWHR

Notable Quotables

June's luncheon was about winning talent through the right candidate experience. Mike Thompson, CEO of SVI, was our keynote speaker. Mike discussed how many of the most admired companies have elevated their recruiting processes by focusing on every touchpoint and simplifying their messages.

We asked Terrie Johnson, Human Resource Director at Fort Worth City Credit Union, what she gained from June's luncheon topic.

"There were several valuable takeaways from Mike's discussion, including the fact that HR professionals need to think like marketers. Once companies can identify what differentiates them from others, they can begin to align their messages with potential employees to connect with the right talent. It's about finding the right ways to appeal to candidates, instead of focusing so much on how they should appeal to us."

Mike Thompson educated attendees on transitive property and how human resource professionals drive business value through recruiting and retaining valuable people.


    The Metroplex SHRM chapters got together at Grapevine Craft Brewery to network and socialize last month. Check out some pictures from the event below, and visit

    FWHR's website for more!



    FWHR hosted a networking event at Top Golf in June for members to get together and socialize. Thank you to everyone who attended! Pictures can be found online at FWHR's website. 


    Thursday, July 18, 2019

    Ridglea Country Club

    3700 Bernie Anderson Ave.

    Fort Worth, TX 76116

    Please Note - Ridglea has been remodeling their front entryway to the club. We will enter through the west door by walking between the tennis courts and the clubhouse.

    10:15AM - 11:15AM

    Terri Swain, founder and managing partner of The HR Consultant, will help us understand which federal contractors, subcontractors, and others are subject to monitoring by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP); what is required of covered employers in the way of nondiscrimination and affirmative action; and the basics of affirmative action programs.  Terri will also provide an update on the many changes being made at the OFCCP under the Trump administration.

    11:30AM - 1:00PM

    Kelly Simants, Senior HR Consultant with Nevada HR Team, is FWHR's keynote speaker for July. She will discuss why employer brand is so important in competing in today's marketplace, and help us understand tangible ways we can leverage a company's brand to drive employee satisfaction and improve retention.



    Congratulations to Rheana Maloney (pictured above) and Rachel Tyler (pictured below) on passing their PHR test!

    Rheana and Rachel both attended the FWHR S/PHR prep classes so we asked how it impacted their readiness;

    "The class definitely helped me with understanding the overall concept and objectives of the exam. My perception when I first started the class vs at the end differentiated a lot. It was very helpful to be able to have professionals come and speak to the certain subjects." 

    - Rachel Tyler

    Congrats again Rheana and Rachel. FWHR is proud of you and wish you much success in your careers!

    If you are interested in learning more about FWHR's Fall Prep Class for the PHR/SPHR exam, please visit our website or reach out to us at info@fwhr.org. 


    Check out our new members this month! If you see them at an upcoming event, please say hello and help them feel welcomed.

    Alessandra Serboli
    Dena Whitehurst
    Luke Boughfman
    Joni Lui
    Craig Maucere
    Sierra Mosier
    Rogelio Medina
    Trishia Caudill
    Tracey Mellenthin
    Aimee Lueck
    Kimberly Payne
    Pamela Silveus
    Vicki Eldredge
    Krystal Jackson
    Lianne Wynne

    Also, please visit FWHR.org and view our Member Directory. It's a great way to learn more about your colleagues in FWHR. Be sure to update your profile picture while you're there! Instructions on how to update your photo are located here.


    Thank you to June's legal hour and luncheon sponsor, Culture Amp!


    The Greater Fort Worth Civic Leaders & The Greater Fort Worth Area Community Charities hosted  a“Thank you Bar-B-Que Luncheon” for the military personnel and civilian employees, who work at the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth on Friday, May 31st.  Community leaders from around the Metroplex were invited to come out to the base to thank the men and women serving our nation. 

    This is the largest event of its kind in the Metroplex.  Don Graves, 93-year-old Iwo Jima survivor below, shared stories of his experience. Above, Congresswoman Kay Granger spoke about how they got the base reopened and gave out awards to several veterans.

    FWHR participated as a Bronze sponsor and our own FWHR member Sabrina Williams, a veteran herself, attended on behalf of our membership.