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FWHR Webinar: Hire the Best & Avoid the Rest™

  • 17 Jun 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom



With over 20 years of expertise, Dr. Michael Mercer will show us how to predict which applicants are likely to become wonderful, “Superstar” employees who are both highly productive + low-turnover.

We will learn the:

  • 6 Step Method to Hire the Best
  • 3 key ways to predict applicants’ success – or failure – on-the-job
  • 4 legal rules
  •  3 types of pre-employment tests proven superb at forecasting applicants’ success
  • How to customize pre-employment tests for each job in your company
  • Remote & Virtual hiring system that is super-organized & super-easy

And more!

Dr. Michael Mercer is a book author, business psychologist and speaker.  Dr. Mercer is founder and president of Mercer Systems LLC.  He provides organizations with expertise in:

  • how to hire the best -- & avoid the rest
  • pre-employment tests
  • delivering exciting, customized seminars & speeches

He has authored 5 books, created 3 pre-employment tests used by companies to help evaluate and select job applicants whoa re more likely to become productive and reduce turnover rates.  Dr. Mercer delivers exciting speeches and training seminars at many organizations, meetings, and conferences.  Audience members describe his lively speaking style as "info-tainment."

Dr. Mercer has been quoted in various worldwide articles along with appearing on over 400 radio & TV talk shows along with serving the Illinois Psychological Association as both President and Chairman of Division of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Dr. Mercer is a leader among professionals.

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