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Price Increases

The past couple of years have brought meaningful improvements too FWHR. Among many things, we brought on a chapter management professional who has become an invaluable part of our business by doing the heavy lifting, allowing the board to think more strategically. We've also improved our communication channels and increased our member related events and content. With our success has come a changed and more challenging business environment. Primarily, rising operating costs have squeezed us, so we finally need to address the issue.

Starting October 2019, we will raise our luncheon prices by $5 for both members and non-members. For members that are SHRM and HRCI certified, that means you'll now pay $15 per credit hour instead of $12.50, which is still the best value around. Beginning January 2020, we will raise the price of membership by $10. When you spread it out over a year, it is an extra cost of 83¢ per month. FWHR has not raised the price of membership in over ten years, but doing so now will ensure we will be around for another ten years.

We will continue our unique combination of programming for our event attendees, and we will further extend our value proposition and commitment to our members. Thank you all for being a part of Fort Worth HR.

Jon Evans

President, FWHR

Member Spotlight: Barbara Lundgren

#FWHR sat down with Barbara Lundgren for September's Member Spotlight! Read below to learn more.

Q: Tell us about your job.

A: I am the HR Manager for ACH Child and Family services, a nonprofit in Fort Worth that has been protecting children and preserving families since 1915. Our agency has a continuum of care that ranges from counseling, foster care, and residential services, to Tarrant County's only youth emergency shelter and the only residential treatment center of its kind in Texas. Thanks to our pioneering role, Community-Based Care is now the state's approach to improved child welfare. The employees I work with are passionate about making real changes in our community. Our staff work tirelessly every day to make an impact in a child's life. Kids that come into care often are victims of abuse and neglect and our staff, who are trained in trauma-informed care,  are there to work towards healing a child. For me, being even a small part of that is really amazing.

Q: How did you first get involved in Fort Worth HR?

A: I first got involved with FWHR in the Nonprofit PEG group about 10 years ago. I then plugged in with Terri Swain, and her diversity committee in 2016, and finally joined the board in 2017.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a member of Fort Worth HR?

A: Coming from the nonprofit world, it is great to have so many resources that FWHR provides to its members that I might not have others had access to without the network that FWHR provides.

Q: FWHR has recently adopted the slogan, "Because People Matter". What matters most to you, and how does that inspire you?

A: This slogan inspires me because I have seen it first had as part of FWHR's board. The board members are truly focused on the members of FWHR. It is top of mind at every board meeting, and what we focus on when planning event and/or luncheons for our members. 

Q: What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

A: Something that they are terrified of doing! For me, that was learning to ride my motorcycle and getting my license before my son was born. I decided that girls don't have to ride on the back.

Q: What is your spirit animal, and why?

A: Dogs. They are loyal and love with their whole heart.

Q: What's something you like to do the old-fashioned way? 

A: I like talking with people face-to-face vs. texting or emailing.

Q: What are some small things that make your day better?

A: My husband sends me love texts during the day and he always makes me smile.

Q: If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

A: Give people grace. You never know where they are in their journey.

Cheers to 10 years! TSM Highlights

FWHR hosted its 10th annual Strategic Mindset Conference at the Amon Carter Center on September 13th. Pictured above are four past presidents of Fort Worth HR: Kent Smith, Ann Dunkin, Danyelle Ackall, and Jon Evans. Danyelle received recognition for her role in developing FWHR's very first TSM conference a decade ago!

Natasha Hall, Pam Johnson, and Laura Bustamante posed for a quick candid between conference sessions. Speakers discussed various topics, including leadership programs, change management, ethics, HR trends, and more!

    Emerging HR Professional of the Month: India Bastien

    India Bastien is this month's Emerging HR Professional! India co-chairs the Inclusion and Diversity PEG alongside Tim Koirtyonhann and is a liaison for Hacking HR. She is passionate about educating businesses and the community on the importance of providing diversity and inclusion initiatives. "I believe the future of HR has a very big branch of possibilities to impact the way we all work".

    For starters, India grew up in a small town in the heart of Mexico called San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Fun fact: her hometown is a world UNESCO heritage city and was named "The Best City in the World" by Conde de Nast Travel in 2017 and 2018. There, she was homeschooled and received a breadth of knowledge on many cultures. Afterwards, she studied in Mexico and Czech Republic to earn her BA in Web Development and Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing and product Design. "A lot of my friends call me an interesting and fun fact girl because I have lived in so many placed around the world and have a strange background. I got the opportunity to gain a lot of experience at a young age, and I also grew up in what they call an 'expat' town, with so much art and knowledge".

    Before moving to Texas and joining FWHR, India spent years working in production. She traveled all over the world and eventually found herself living in the USA for the first time in her life. It was in Atlanta where she started working on big box blockbuster films and TV shows. "I realized that I needed more time to immerse myself into the culture and decided to pursue a job in social media marketing".

    After working for a company that eventually closed its doors, India took time to asses her skills. "The one thing that came up over and over again was my love and passion for people. Was introduced to the world of 'People and Culture' positions, which is an extension of HR, or better phrased 'Agile HR'. Realizing my knack of networking, hiring, recruiting, and people management could be a career, I was hooked! I found my passion in Diversity and Inclusion, and in the science of People Analytics".

    India is truly passionate about helping companies be the best employer and have a strong brand. "I have seen successful companies have a really good grip on making sure their workforce is developed, and having a culture of learning. i constantly strive to learn more on these topics, and am passionate about creating a space where employees can thrive, and businesses can be successful".

    Isaac Stolar

    Newsletter Director

    Dot To Dot

    Do you remember those connect the dot worksheets our teachers gave us in grade school? The ones where you draw a straight line from one numbered dot to another in increasing sequential order? At the end, we had what looked like a blocky version of a whale, or clown’s face.   


    In a way, that’s what people analytics is.  It's a dot-to-dot representation of data from an organization's greatest asset: It's people. Dots themselves don’t tell a story. Connecting them sort of does, but refining them and shaping them - well that’s the art (and science) of People Analytics.  


    The frightening part for most of us (me included) is we don’t think of ourselves as artists, and therefore don’t know where to start.  Let me tell you my friend, it’s as simple as starting with a single dot.  You don’t need an expensive global “human capital management system”. You don't need an advanced understanding of business intelligence systems with colorful dashboards, or a PhD on staff.  Having in place some standard metric calculation methods and a simple Excel spreadsheet will work nicely. 


    Start with the top 5 (plus a bonus) metric calculation methods and you’ll be well on your way!

    1. Turnover Rate = (# of voluntary and involuntary terminations ÷ average headcount in the reporting period) x 100

    Not to be confused with attrition, turnover looks at the number of employees who leave in a period of time with roles that the company intends to replace. This metric can be a useful indicator of your organizational culture, health, and finances.  

    2. Average Time to Fill = sum of all roles’ time to fill ÷ total # of openings filled 

    Knowing the length of time it takes to fill a position can help you assess the efficiency of your recruiting process. There are ardent defenders of using the date of hire versus the date of offer acceptance. You can take the recruiting team for a game of laser tag with a winner-take-all on which date to use.  

    3. HR to Employee Ratio = (HR team headcount ÷ full-time employee headcount) x 100 

    The size of your HR group might vary depending on the overall size of your company, and the number of manual processes your group is responsible for. A high ratio can suggest your team is either over-specialized or technologically underserved, while a low ratio can indicate that your HR team is understaffed.   

    4. Career Path Ratio = total promotions ÷ (total transfers + total promotions) 

    This metric allows you to showcase the multidirectional movement through various career ladders by measuring how many internal moves are promotions versus lateral transfers across different departments and specialties.  

    5. Revenue per Employee = annual revenue ÷ full-time employee headcount 

    Honestly, I would make this number one for HR metrics, because if you don’t know this then you can’t hold your ground with the operations of your business. Businesses are revenue focused, and you should provide a metric that can show this in a way that can be reported consistently over a period of time.  This can be used to determine how over or understaffed your organization might be by examining that revenue over time.  

    (Bonus) Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS= % promoters - % detractors 

    This sounds fancy, but with a few hours of time and an online survey site account, you can have an employee engagement tool for your organization to understand employee’s overall engagement.  Using a 10-point scale for statements. Employees with 9+ ratings are generally considered promoters, while those with ratings ranging from 0-6 and 7-8 are labeled as detractors and passive, respectively.  

    HR departments have demanded a seat at the table with other executives and business leaders of our organization for years.  Now that you’re seated, what are you going to say, and what are you bringing to back it up?  


    Amber Morrow, GPHR

    Newsletter Committee

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